Sunday, November 15, 2009

Camping de Tiakan

This weekend we went camping in the North-West of New Caledonia. Due to a lack of organisation, me forgetting my phone (on the charger at home), lack of mobile signal and general bad organisation, we didn't meet the friends we had planned to meet up with who had also come from Noumea for the weekend. Oh well. This is what happens here when you try to plan things three days in advance instead of three weeks. Nevermind- we had fun anyway. We saw the 'Big Chicken'....

The 'Sphinx'..... (try squinting and a bit of imagination)....
(the rock formation, not the man)

And we found an awesome campsite. Camping de Tiakan in Ponerihouen. 500xpf per person per night. Technically, there are hot showers, fire shelters, electricity and fares to pitch your tent under. Hot tip- get there on Friday (not Saturday) so you have your pick of the fares, and make sure that you have one where the light bulb works and you have a fire shelter. Our fare was great as a shelter and wind break.

Super Kia Sportage!
Thanks to the camp stove, we had nice hot coffees and omelette and toast for breakfast.

It wouldn't be a Brendan and Kate adventure without something a bit left field, so here's the site of the infamous Hienghene massacre where Jean Marie Tijiabo and other pro-Kanak independance activists were massacred.

aaaannnd a record of the 2 kilos of lychees we bought from a roadside stall before they disappear.

OK, I already ate some. We had some most excellent deer kebabs from another roadside stall too and managed a fairly successful small talk conversation in French.
Bonne route!
Bonne chasse!

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