Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kayaking Bay of Prony 08-Nov-09

Yesterday we went on a kayak trip through the Bay of Prony with some friends. Prony has a red sand beach so it's a bit murky, but once you get past the breakers the water is a beautiful clear green-blue.

Bay of Prony
After we paddled through the bay, we continued up the river to some hot springs. The hot springs weren't really hot, but we did have a nice picnic, and everyone remembered to bring beer, so it was all good.

Kayaks on the river bank near the hot springs

Super attractive hot spring swamp

Marc Andre and Brendan having a deep and meaningful about how the Maple Leafs are still sucking this hockey season

We had a good time, but by 6pm Brendan and I were both suffering- Brendan from sunburned feet, and me from the deadly 'post hero syndrome'.....

Me being a hero
Me with post paddle arms

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